Update #7: COVID-19 Pandemic | Applications Open for Regional Non-Profits to Develop Social Support Programs

March 27, 2020 | 2:00 PM  

Update #7: COVID-19 Pandemic 

Applications Open for Regional Non-Profits to Develop Social Support Programs  

The Government of Alberta has made available funds for non-profits, municipalities, and charities who provide help to individuals, seniors, families and other vulnerable Albertans who are isolated or impacted by measures to contain COVID-19. 

The provincial funds will be distributed to community groups who support a range of services such as at-home help for seniors, crisis and helplines, food security issues, emotional and mental health counselling or any other identified community issues. Community groups may use the funding for: 

  • Services that allow individuals, seniors, and families who are isolated to have home needs met such as the delivery of goods, housekeeping, and caregiver relief.  
  • Services to build capacity and strengthen volunteer work in the community.  
  • Alternate supports such as mentoring, mental health, and supports to address economic and food security needs.  
  • Expansion or supplementing efforts to provide information such as crisis/distress lines, 211 services, and information lines. 

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) offices are receiving the applications on behalf of the Government of Alberta. The province will make decisions on successful applications and distribute funds.  


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