Update #9: COVID19 Pandemic | Community Care Program Off to Successful Start

Media Release April 6, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. 

Update #9COVID-19 Pandemic 

Community Care Program Off to Successful Start 

The Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership is proud to share the success of the Community Care Program with the region.  

In the two weeks since launching on March 23, the Community Care Program has made 32 deliveries of necessary food and pharmacy supplies to residents unable to leave their homes due tmandatory COVID-19 self-isolation related to travel or due to being a member of a high-risk group. 

The deliveries have been made to people from all walks of life, including seniors and families. 

The service is operating in collaboration with Safeway, whose Grande Prairie South branch has been packing orders for GPREP staff to deliver.  

“We are grateful for frontline workers, such as grocery stockers and cashiers, who help to keep our community in motion,” said Chris Manuel, Acting Director of Emergency Management for GPREP. Frontline workers aren’t limited to one industry, they cross many sectors such as the transportation of goods, medical staff, emergency response personnel, and utility providers.  

If you or someone you know needs essential groceries or medication, submit a Community Care Program application online at www.gprep.ca/covid19/communitycare.