Community Care Program: Food & Pharmacy

COVID-19 Community Care Program: Food & Pharmacy 

The COVID-19 Community Care Program: Food & Pharmacy helps ensure residents of the GPREP service area have continued access to essential items, like food and medication, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The program is dedicated to helping vulnerable individuals and families – those at heightened risk who have no other supports available, and are in urgent need of food, medication and essential goods. 

Who is eligible? 

Residents of all ages from the GPREP service area (see description below) who have an urgent need for essential goods because they: 

  • do not have access to other financial support to purchase essential goods 
  • are unable to visit stores, supermarkets and pharmacies because of requirements for self-isolationas directed by Alberta Health Services and have no one who can assist them 
  • live in a location within the GPREP service area where delivery service is not available 

What municipalities are part of the GPREP service area that are eligible for this program? 

  • Beaverlodge
  • City of Grande Prairie
  • County of Grande Prairie
  • Hythe
  • Sexsmith
  • Wembley 

What are “essential goods”? 

These goods include: 

  • groceries 
  • personal goods, such as feminine hygiene products 
  • medications 
  • baby formula and baby food 

How do I make a request for assistance? 

Those seeking assistance can fill out an online request form below. You may also call the COVID-19 Community Care Program Hotline at 780-830-7070.  

Once a request is made, you will receive a call back from a program assessor within 24-hours of making your online or phone request.  They will conduct an assessment to see if you meet the program’s criteria. If you are approved, a driver will deliver your goods.  

How long will my delivery take? 

Deliveries will be made within 72 hours.  

How do I pay for my items? 

For those who will be paying for their items, the program accepts cheques and credit cards only.

What safety and privacy measures are in place? 

City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie staff will be utilized as delivery personnel. Safety precautions are in place to protect citizens and drivers. The program will protect the confidentiality of those who participate.  

About medications and prescription refills 

If the prescription is expired: 

  • Please contact your doctor and inquire on how to proceed. A doctor can call a pharmacy directly to have the prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice. We cannot fill a prescription that is expired and needs to be reissued by a doctor. 
  • After your prescription is filled and sent directly to your pharmacy, we can proceed with pick up. 

If the pharmacy has a prescription on file and can be filled: 

Prior to calling us, first call your pharmacy to have your prescription filled. Ask your pharmacist if they deliver.


To apply, please fill out the application.  

Community Care Program Application


If you are calling regarding any health concerns please contact 811 or if you have an emergency please call 911.  

The primary source of information for Albertans about COVID-19 is