PPE4Biz Application

PPE for Businesses

PPE4Biz helps ensure businesses of the GPREP service area are prepared to safely re-open for business as early as May 14, 2020, by reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among workers, volunteers and patrons.

A limited supply of essential safety items such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers will be available for purchase to eligible businesses that do not have these supplies on hand and has completed a business hazards assessment. If you wish to procure your own supplies or need additional items such as: face shields, sneeze guards and non-contact thermometers, please visit the GPREP Community Suppliers page for a list of local suppliers and availability.

When hazards related to COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated, the following hierarchy of controls are required:

First choice: Engineering controls
These control the hazard at the source. Examples include placing barriers or partitions between staff, removing seats from lunch rooms and dining areas, re-arranging lockers, restricting general access to the business and increasing ventilation.

Second choice: Administrative controls
These controls change the way workers, volunteer and patrons interact. Examples include policies for physical distancing, limiting hours of operations and respiratory etiquette and providing adequate facilities, supplies and reminders for hand hygiene. Increased frequency of cleaning as outlined above is also required.

Third choice: PPE
PPE is necessary when physical distancing of 2 metres or physical barriers cannot be maintained by administrative and engineering controls. PPE controls the hazard at the worker, volunteer and client level.

To apply, please fill out the application.  

PPE4Biz Program Application

The PPE4BIZ program operates from Monday to Friday and is monitored from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Requests made on Saturday and Sunday will be reviewed on Monday. It will be your responsibility to ensure you have the PPE required to operate for the weekend.

Businesses are directed to adhere to the workplace guidelines for business owners published by the Government of Alberta. Visit these Government of Alberta resources to learn more:

Government of Alberta 3-step Relaunch Strategy

Workplace Guidelines for Business Owners

Alberta Biz Connect: Guidance for Reopening

GPREP has also made available downloadable print resources, such as floor decals and posters. Download them HERE.

What businesses are eligible?  

Businesses from the GPREP service area (see description below) approved for Phase 1 Re-opening (Click here for approved businesses) who require supplies to meet guidelines set by Alberta Health Services to reopen to the public. 

Safety programs and hazard assessments are mandatory parts of any business. COVID-19 is a new hazard in the workplace.  As such, your business must have completed their own hazard assessment relative to COVID-19 as per OHS.  For guidance please use the following links:

Alberta Biz Connect: Guidance for Reopening

Hazard assessment and control : a handbook for Alberta employers and workers

Workplace Guidelines for Business Owners


What municipalities are part of the GPREP service area that are eligible for this program?  

City of Grande Prairie
County of Grande Prairie

What supplies are being provided?

Limited supplies of the following are available:

Procedure masks
Hand sanitizer

Please note: This is a short-term program only, and will end when supplies run out.

What is the cost?

10 masks: $7.00
25 masks: $17.00
50 masks: $35.00
100 masks: $70.00
Hand sanitizer 375ml: $7.00
Gloves – One box per business: $6.50

When and how can I apply 

Businesses seeking assistance can fill out an online request form. 

When will I find out my business is eligible? 

Once a request is made: 

  • You will receive an email response from a program assessor within 3 business days of making your request.  
  • The assessor will conduct an assessment to see if your business meets the program’s criteria.  
  • You will receive an email notifying whether or not your business meets the criteria. 
  • Those businesses that are approved may pick up their goods as directed.   

The primary source of information for Albertans about COVID-19 is Alberta.ca/covid19. 

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