Emergencies can happen anytime.

Make a plan. Create a kit. Stay informed.  It is your responsibility to be prepared if a disaster occurs.

There are various ways to stay informed of emergencies within your community and surrounding area.
These include:

  • Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to provide you with critical information about an immediate emergency, where it is occurring, and what actions you nee to take. Alerts are distributed in various ways, including: radio, television, social media, RSS feed, and the Alberta Emergency Alert App. Download the app to stay informed through your mobile device.
  • Wireless alerting is another tool to receive emergency alerts. Wireless public alerts are issued to cell phones within a defined geographic area. These alerts are only issued for threat-to-life situations. You can learn more at alertready.ca, and check if your phone is compatible to receive wireless alerts.  Sign-up is not required as all cell-phones are automatically registered.
  • Other sources: News outlets and municipal social media are other informative sources. But be careful of the authenticity of some of these, especially social media such as Facebook. Remember to consider confirming information before acting on it.

Each of these notification methods have their own benefits and limitations – it’s best to receive alerts from multiple sources.