Paddle Prairie Residents Return Home

Residents of the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement have been given permission to return home, effective Thursday at 1 p.m.

Roadblocks will be removed and community members can return home at that time. Residents are advised that no imminent danger remains. However, smoke may enter and recede in the community all summer.

There will be a mandatory check in at the muster point – the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement Arena. Cleaning kits and hampers will be available upon check-in. All residents are required to check in. The Chin area will remain on alert in case the situation changes.

Residents of the community can get updates at:

GPREP has provided housing and meal services to about 280 members of the community since they were placed on evacuation order on May 29.

GPREP activated its Emergency Co-ordination Centre May 20 and it has continued operation since, co-ordinating evacuee accommodation and meal services. At peak activity, there were about 1,000 evacuees from various northern communities in the city. Evacuees also received free access to municipal transit and recreational facilities.

Transportation arrangements were arranged for those needing assistance to get home.