Firefighter Appreciation & Homecoming – May 16, 2024

We would like to send out a huge thank you to the brave firefighters and those who helped from the County of Grande Prairie, the City of Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, Bezanson, Teepee Creek, Wembley, Beaverlodge, Smokey River, Big Lakes County, the Town of Slave Lake Municipal District of Greenview, and Alberta Wildfire. Crews worked tirelessly to contain the fire in Teepee Creek and Valhalla. No properties were damaged, no one was injured, and the health and safety of residents was prioritized during the entire operation.  

Join us in saying THANK YOU! 


As our area recovers from the recent wildfire, it’s important to take precautions while returning home. Here are some important steps for residents returning home:  

  1. Safety First: If you notice or suspect any source of heat or smoke, do not enter your home. Immediately call 911 for assistance.
  2. Enter with Caution: If there’s no sign of heat or smoke and no danger of structural failure, proceed with extreme caution when entering your home for the first time after the wildfire.
  3. Assess Tree Stability: Check the stability of trees around your property. Look for damage to the trunk or visible signs of burned roots. Damaged trees can pose a risk of falling and causing injury. Arrange for the removal of any damaged trees.
  4. Manage Fire Debris: Soot, ash, and other fire debris may be scattered around your home and yard. Wet down any fire debris to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful particles. This simple step can protect your health and that of your family.
  5. Monitor Pets and Animals: Keep an eye on your pets and animals and ensure they remain under your direct control. Fire retardants and fire debris can make them sick, and hazards may still be present on your property.
  6. Protect Against Irritation: Soot, ash, and smoke can irritate your eyes, skin, throat, and lungs, especially if you have a pre-existing lung condition. If you experience irritation, flush your eyes thoroughly with water and use a gentle soap solution on your skin if needed.
  7. Seek Medical Assistance: If you have difficulty breathing, coughing, or wheezing, move to a safe area and seek medical help immediately. Remember to take your prescription inhalers as directed.