What do I do if I am asked/told to evacuate?

If you are asked to evacuate, please follow the instructions from emergency personnel. GPREP will not ask you to prepare to leave your home unless there is reason to believe that you are in danger.

Evacuation Alert – an evacuation alert informs the community of the potential need to evacuate. Plan to evacuate with enough items to keep your family comfortable for a minimum of 72 hours. Turn the radio on and listen for updates.

Evacuation Order – evacuate your home when you advised to do so by local emergency authorities. Follow the evacuation routes specified by officials and drive carefully with headlights on.  Ignoring an evacuation order can jeopardize the safety of your family and others who might eventually have to come to your rescue. Do not return to your property until permitted to do so by authorities.

Please refer to the Government of Alberta Emergency Fact Sheet, for further information on evacuation alerts, evacuations orders, what to make sure you take and how to protect your home.